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Name:Dark Shadows Resurrected
Location:Collinsport, Maine, United States of America
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Community description:Dark Shadows, Dark Shadows: Resurrected, Dark shadows Revival

"My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is just beginning. A journey that I am hoping will somehow begin to reveal the mysteries of my past. It is a journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place... to a house high atop a stormy cliff at the edge of the sea... to a house called Collinwood. To a world I've never known, with people I've never met... people who tonight are still only vague shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill all the days and nights of my tomorrows."

- Victoria Winters, Dark Shadows - Episode #1

The cast list for our delightful little drama is as follows...

Amos, the Reverend (1790) at Millicent and Jeremiah's funerals [Apollo Dukakis]
Bouchard, Angelique (1991,1790) the witch, d.1790 while trying to stab Barnabas [Lysette Anthony]
Bradford Esq., Peter (1790) lawyer, Collins' family friend [Michael T. Weiss]
Braithwaite, Judge Isiah (1790) [Brendon T. Dillon]
Bystander (1790) [James Langrall]
Collins: Abigail (1790) Joshua's sister [Julianna McCarthy]
Collins: Barnabas (1991,1790) our hero ? [Ben Cross]
Collins: Daphne (1991) niece to Roger and Elizabeth [Rebecca Staab]
Collins: Daniel (1790) Barnabas' youngest brother [Joseph Gordon-Levitt]
Collins: David (1991) Roger's son [Joseph Gordon-Levitt]
Collins: Jeremiah (1790) Barnabas' younger brother, marries Josette du Pres, dies in duel as a result of Angelique's witchcraft [Adrian Paul]
Collins: Ghost of Jeremiah (1790) resurrected by Angelique, throws himself off the cliff at Widow's Hill (Had the series lasted, he would have been Quentin Collins.)
Collins: Josette {du Pres} Collins (1790) Jeremiah's wife [Joanna Going]
Collins: Joshua A. (1790) Barnabas' father, shipbuilder [Stefan Gierasch]
Collins: Laura (1991) Roger's wife, a witch, in an asylum in England [mentioned only]
Collins: Millicent (1790) introduced as a cousin, she is engaged to Jeremiah, and becomes Barnabas' 1st victim [Barbara Blackburn]
Collins: Naomi (1790) Barnabas' mother [Jean Simmons]
Collins: Roger (1991) David's father; Maggie Evans' lover [Roy Thinnes]
Collins: Sarah (1790) Barnabas' sister (d.1790) [Veronica Lauren]
Collins: Ghost of Sarah (1991) [Veronica Lauren]
Collinsport Apothecary (1991) [Charles Lane]
Crone (1790) the Reverend Trask's housekeeper/assistant [Courtenay McWhinney]
Customer (1790) at The Deer's Head Inn [Richard Burns]
du Pres, Andre (1790) Josette's father [Michael Cavanaugh]
du Pres, Countess Natalie (1790) Andre's sister [Barbara Steele]
du Pres, Josette (1790) Barnabas' fiancée, marries Jeremiah, jumps off the cliff at Widow's Hill [Joanna Going]
Evans, Bailiff Henry (1790) [Eddie Jones]
Evans, Maggie (1991) has psychic powers, Roger's lover [Ely Pouget]
Evans, Sam (1991) owner/bartender at the Blue Whale [Eddie Jones]
Fisher, Dr. Hiram (1991) [Wayne Tippet]
Gardener (1991) [Georg Olden]
Gloria (1991) Barnabas' victim [Hope North]
Harker, Deputy Jonathan (1991) [Steve Fletcher]
Harry (the spider) David’s pet spider he used to scare Vicki with in class.
Haskell, Joe (1991) Daphne's boyfriend [Michael T. Weiss]
Hoffman, Dr. Julia (1991) [Barbara Steele]
Innkeeper (1790) at the Deer's Head Inn [Robert S. Telford]
Johnson, Mrs. Sarah Loomis (1991) housekeeper [Julianna McCarthy]
Jury Foreman (1790) [Dick Valentine]
Local Tough (1991) Barnabas' victim [Michael Buice]
Loomis, Ben (1790) Collins' servant [Jim Fyfe]
Loomis, Willie (1991) Mrs. Johnson's nephew [Jim Fyfe]
Minister (1790) [Donald Wayne]
Nurse (1991) [Joanne Dorian]
Paramedic #1 (1991) [Rif Hutton]
Paramedic #2 (1991) [Steve Fletcher]
Patterson, Sheriff George (1991) [Michael Cavanaugh]
Reverend (1991) officiates at Daphne's funeral [Basil Langton]
Roadhouse Band (1991) [JB and the NiteShift]
Roberts, Doctor (1790) [Ralph Drischell]
Sebastian (the cat) Dr. Woodard’s pet grey tabby cat.
Stoddard: Carolyn (1991) Elizabeth's daughter [Barbara Blackburn]
Stoddard: Elizabeth {Collins} (1991) Roger's sister [Jean Simmons]
Tate, Ruby (1790) tart in Collinsport, Barnabas' 2nd victim [Shawn Modrell]
Trask, the Reverend (1790) the witch hunter [Roy Thinnes]
Trask's female victim (1790) [Laurel Wiley]
Wick, Phyllis (1790,1991) governess [Ellen Wheeler]
Winters, Victoria "Vicki" (1991,1790) governess (b.1966) [Joanna Going]
Woodard, Professor Michael (1991) specialist in the occult [Stefan Gierasch]

Antique Shop Proprietor - sells Carolyn an Apothecary case [Charles Lane]
Laura Collins - Roger's wife and a witch [not seen on screen]
Sam Evans - Maggie's father and owner of The Blue Whale [Eddie Jones]
Deputy [Bruce Barbour]
Deputy [Eddie Hailey]
Deputy Scott Martinez [Non-credited actor]
Dr. Hyram Fisher [Wayne Tippit]
Gardener (a.k.a. Boy #1) [George Olden]
Gloria - Barnabas' victim outside the Three Gables roadhouse [Hope North]
Deputy Johnathan Harker (a.k.a Paramedic #2) [Steve Fletcher]
Local Tough (a.k.a. Muscles) - Barnabas' victim outside the Three Gables [Michael Buice]
Nurse [Joanna Dorian]
Paramedic #1 [Rif Hutton]
Reverend - officiates at Daphne's funeral [Basil Langton]
Roadhouse Band - performs at the Three Gables [J.B. and the Niteshift]

Andre DuPres; Carolyn; Collinsport Inn; Harry (the spider); Isaac Collins; John Adams; Josette DuPres; Vampire

Locales (15)
Blue Whale
Collins family mausoleum
Collinsport Mercy Hospital
Collinsport Sheriff’s Department
Collinsport railway station
David's room
Dr. Fisher’s office
Dr. Woodard's home
Eagle Hill Cemetery
Josette's room
Old House
Vicki's room
Widows' Hill

Other Items (6)
Barnabas' wolf's-head cane
Bust of Isaac Collins
Collins family jewels
Josette's music box
Portrait of Barnabas Collins
Portrait of Josette DuPres

Interests (41):

angelique bouchard, barnabas collins, carolyn stoddard, collins cannery, collins fishing fleet, collins shipping, collinsport, collinsport enterprises, collinsport mercy hospital, collinsport sheriff's department, collinwood, daphne collins, dark shadows, dark shadows resurrected, dark shadows revival, david collins, deputy bruce barbour, deputy harry osborne, deputy jonathan harker, deputy scott martinez, dr. hiram fisher, eagle hill cemetery, elizabeth collins stoddard, joe haskell, laura collins, maggie evans, maine, michael woodard, mrs. sarah johnson, paramedic rif hutton, paramedic stephen harker, roger collins, sam evans, sheriff george patterson, the blue whale, the collinsport inn, the collinsport star news, the old house, three gables roadhouse, victoria winters, willie loomis
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